Using Sugru to Create Shock Absorbers for Your 3D Printer

This instructable was created during Sugru Build Night July at Makespace Madrid. We were invited to test different uses for this new material and we came up with a few original ideas.

We decided to create shock absorbers to our Lulzbot 3D printer to better stabilize it using just Sugru and materials easily available at our Makespace.

Let's see how we did it!

Step 1: Creating the Four Absorbers

To create the four absorbers, use a knife to open a Sugru package an cut in in four similar pieces. Do not discard the package itself as we'll use it to prevent Sugru from sticking to the table.

Step 2: Getting Ready for the Installation

To prevent the 3D printer weight from squishing the the Sugru, rendering it useless, we took some ABS filament and cut four segments. We will use those in the next step to support the weight during the 24 hour curation process.

Cut the Sugru package in four similar pieces and then take the Surgru and knead it to create four small balls and flatten them a bit.

Step 3: Installing the Shock Absorbers

Have someone in your team to hold the 3D printer on air while you install a Sugru ball in each one of the legs. Make sure to push some filament near each leg to ensure legs have a flat surface on bottom side. Let it dry fir 24 hours without moving the printer.SugruS

Step 4: Enjoy a More Stable 3D Printer!

Once Sugru is curated you can keep on printing non stop with you're fellow makers!

Thanks to the Sugru and Instructables teams and to our makespace members to make these nights happen!



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