Using White Silicone Caulk to Dress-up a Key Fob



Someone wanted a keyfob for a van made out of black acrylic.  There are two vans.  One is called Mellon, the other Dominion after the companies that donated them.

Step 1: Realize That Your First Attempt Was "less Than Optimal"

The whole point of the keyfob is to be able to quickly read it while it is hanging on a wall so that you can grab the right set of keys to the correct van.

If you look at the two lower fobs, this was not going to happen.  

I realized that something had to change.  I had already done all of the laser work -- in the same manner as this key fob -- so I had two choices -- I could throw it all away, or I could take a chance and run to the Home Depot and get something white to jazz it up.

Step 2: The Answer: GE While Silicone Caulk !

I bought a tube of shower tile caulk and applied it so that it filled all of the cavities.

I then took the gray burnisher that is used for vinyl sign making and used it as a squeegee.   That only halfway worked.  It was now smeared and I had to try to get the residue off without melting the acrylic or scratching it.

I tried mineral spirits and it worked like a charm.  The secret is to use an old T-shirt that will not damage the plastic.

The words stand out extremely well using the black / white.  It was so successful, they wanted another 10 done that way.

Lemonade from lemons!  I made it at Tech Shop!



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