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Introduction: Using a Guitar Capo

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A capo is a tool that most guitarists should have. It raises each string a half step, making the pitch higher. It also makes the music you are plaing sound better to sing along with. It is essential for every guitarist to have once he/she has gone pro. I show how to use two types in this instructable; wraparound and spring powered. Spring powered capos are very straightfoward to use. You squeeze the handle of the capo, and put the long part over the fretboard of the guitar. Adjust it so that the strings do not buzz when you strum the guitar. The other type of a capo (that I am showing here) is a wraparound capo. The peice with rubber always goes over the fretboard. The rest of the device then wraps around and somehow fastens to the main piece. Mine fits into a divot, then folds down to secure the strings. Again, make sure there is no buzzing. If there is, move the seconed piece up a divot, or shorten the cording on it. A spring powered capo is best for beginners, because they are easiest to use. But you should make sure to buy a capo that is powerful enough to hold down your strings. I bought a "First Act" guitar capo, and it eventually became too weak to pinch down the strings. Remember, these work with electric and acoustic.

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