Using a Magnet to Control Fire Ignition Extinguishing and Flame Size

How to create a fire that its ignition extinguishing and flame size can all be controlled by magnetic field.

The first step is creating ferromagnetic wax. This wax will not be ignited when touched by normal lighter flame unless exposed to a magnetic field. By changing the magnetic field direction its possible to control the flame size and extinguish the fire.

Step 1: ​Equipment:

Paraffin wax (candle wax)*

Magnetite (Fe₃O₄) powder



Glass Plate

Step 2: Ferromagnetic Wax Preparation

1. To as small glass add two spoons of paraffin wax (4-5 grams) and heat until the wax melt.

2. Add two spoons of magnetite (Fe₃O₄) powder (6-7 grams) to the melted wax.

3. Mix until getting a uniform black solution

4. Cool until the wax solidified

Step 3: ​Usage:

Put a small chunk of the ferromagnetic wax on a glass plate.

When touched by flame the material will not ignite unless exposed to a magnetic field.

To enable ignition put a magnet directly below the wax.

To increase flame size put the magnet directly below the fire.

To reduce the flame size put magnet below the fire and move it sideways along the plate.

To extinguish the fire put the magnet directly below the fire an move sideways swiftly.



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    2 months ago

    Wow, that's so interesting, I didn't even know that this is possible :o. Thanks for sharing, nice to learn something New.