Using a Tripod for Ground Level Filming





Introduction: Using a Tripod for Ground Level Filming

This setup will allow you to film something low to ground such as a dog or a toddler. It takes about 2 minutes to setup and works pretty well. See build and demonstration video below. See footage at last step.

Step 1: Materials

  • Tripod
  • Ankle weight
  • Video Camera

Step 2: Attach Tripod Mount to Camera

Step 3: Attach Camera to Tripod

Step 4: Rotate Head of Tripod So That It Is 90 Degrees With Respect to the Legs

Step 5: Pull One of the Tripod Legs Up As Shown. Add Counter Balance Weights to the Other Two Legs

Step 6: Lift Tripod With Single Leg. Adjust Weights/extensions Until the Unit Is Balanced.

Step 7: Example Footage



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    9 Discussions

    All of my tripods have the link between the legs, but this instructable has convinced me to get one of the non-linked tripods.

    This looks like a pretty good idea!

    However, don't most tripods have a little three-arm support sliding/brace thing in the middle section that would prohibit raising an arm like this? I know both of mine do, but perhaps that's not a universal feature.

    4 replies

    I have three, and they all have a linkage in the middle to keep the arms even.

    Thank you.

    From my limited internet search, it looks like the style shown in this instructable is the most common. Note that you might have a nicer version. This tripod cost ~ $30.

    Pov!!!! I hope thats not what im thinking btw cute dog and good idea

    Clever hack! I can see this being used in MANY different ways such as POV. :)