Using a Cheap Webcam to Convert an Optical Microscope Into a Digital Microscope.

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This video shows how and where to attach and use a cheap webcam to get very good digital video from an optical microscope. My microscope has 40X 100X and 400X which is ideal for looking at general pond and puddle life. The video is much better than I expected.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Some webcams have a spinning "focus adjustment ring" on the lens. Some don't. Try yours and you may improve your results.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, my results are just fine. Even a guy at our local makerspace (who has a really fancy microscope and camera) says they are a lot better than he expected. I don't remember what I show on this video but mostly I watch protozoa and they move across the screen and up and down out of the focus area very quickly. I do have to work harder on the lighting. I will take some stills soon but for now, the protozoa are way too interesting. Ok, I just watched the video, guess it is underwhelming.  Here is a more recent one of protozoa eating each other. (It isn't the best one because for some reason youtube rejected some of the videos.)