Using Actions to Create an Abstract Space Image.




Introduction: Using Actions to Create an Abstract Space Image.

About: Hello! My name is Ivan, I'm graphic designer and my mission here is to present my project Creative Supplies Co. This project aims to develop textures, palettes, actions and templates which can help designers...

Hi, today we are going to make an abstract space image using actions and public domain images.

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Step 1: What We Need?

Step 2: Make New Document

Open photoshop, make new document (1920x1280 px; 72 dpi)

Step 3: Place Image of Skies

Go to file-place-place image of skies.

Step 4: Resize

Resize it to borders of document.

Step 5: Rasterize

Click on layer and rasterize layer.

Step 6: Placing the Image of Space

Do the same operation with space image

Step 7: Black and White.

Go to image-adjustment-black&white. Play a little with parameters.

Step 8: Invert

Select layer of skier and use ctrl-i keys combination to invert your image.

Step 9: Blending Mode

Change blending mode of space layer to "overlay".

Step 10: Using Action

Use the "heatwave 75%" action from Hollywood Divas by Florin Gorgan set.

Step 11: Final.

So, our image is ready!

Thanks for you attention!

If you like the result, you can find some backgrounds made in the same way here: Space Backgrounds

About me:

I’m graphic designer from Saint-P, Russia. I have created several digital design stores providing photoshop tools and goodies for your projects. My main purpose is to make simplest way of creating digital artworks. With my tools you can add expressive enhancements and thoughtful touches to your design projects and save your time.
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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oho, these are pretty. Thanks for making an 'ible about Actions in PS, they are a vastly underrated way to speed up a whole bunch of different processes.....!

    Very creative. But I think your instruct needs some adjusting. I would state that you can use any PhotoShop for this and or other image editing programs such as Gimp.

    Just sounds more more flexible. :)