Using an Anet Full Graphics Display on a MKS Gen 1.4, 1.3 & L Running Marlian 1.1.9.

I have seen many rewires and adaptors but also a lot of complaints and displays not working or damaged.

I wanted my E12 display to work with my new MKS Gen 1.4. So I was sure some software changes and two wires would only be the changes.

Follow these steps and yours will be working.

Update: I have checked the pinouts for the Gen 1.3 & L and updated this instructable.

Step 1: The Additional Code Needed Is the 1st Step.

This instructable assumes you know how to open and make changes to the Marlian 1.1.9. firmware.

  • So open the Marlian.ino in the Arduino IDE.
  • Find and open Configuration.h
  • If there are // in front of ANET_FULL_GRAPHICS_LCD remove the //. If you had to remove the // more than likely another display is defined, look through the LCD / Controller Selection and add // to the other display that starts with #define
  • All others should look like these:
//#define ULTIPANEL
//#define PANEL_ONE
//#define G3D_PANEL
//#define ZONESTAR_LCD
//#define ULTRA_LCD
//#define LCD_SAINSMART_I2C_1602
//#define LCD_SAINSMART_I2C_2004
//#define LCM1602
//#define LCD_I2C_PANELOLU2
//#define LCD_I2C_VIKI
//#define SAV_3DLCD
//#define VIKI2
//#define miniVIKI
//#define MINIPANEL
//#define MAKRPANEL
//#define CARTESIO_UI
//#define LCD_FOR_MELZI
//#define U8GLIB_SSD1306
//#define SAV_3DGLCD
//#define MKS_MINI_12864
//#define MKS_12864OLED
//#define MKS_12864OLED_SSD1306
//#define MALYAN_LCD</p>
  • Find and open the pins_MKS_GEN_13.h tab.
  • Find where this code is:
// LCD / Controller
  • Insert this code on the line after // and before #if ENABLED(VIKI2) || ENABLED(miniVIKI)
  #undef BTN_EN1
  #undef BTN_EN2
  #undef BTN_ENC
  #undef BEEPER_PIN
  #undef LCD_PINS_D4     
  #undef LCD_PINS_RS     
  #undef ST7920_DELAY_1
  #undef ST7920_DELAY_2
  #undef ST7920_DELAY_3
  #define BTN_EN1            23
  #define BTN_EN2            27
  #define BTN_ENC            17
  #define BEEPER_PIN         37
  #define LCD_PINS_D4        35
  #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE    25
  #define LCD_PINS_RS        29
  #define ST7920_DELAY_1 DELAY_NS(0)
  #define ST7920_DELAY_2 DELAY_NS(63)
  #define ST7920_DELAY_3 DELAY_NS(125)

Compile and upload to the MKS board.

If the code above is used on the MKS Gen L pins file, the code needs to be after the #include "pins_RAMPS.h" statement for the pin reassignment to work correctly.

Step 2: Only Two Wire to Swap (+5v & GND) and NO Shaving Off the Key on the Connector.

After the program change, all of the output and input lines are lined up with the ribbon cable connector.

If you have the MKS Gen L then skip to the reset button step below, the information I have found the Gen L has the +5V and Ground the same as the Anet board, only the MKD Gen 1.3 & 1.4 has them swapped; for these boards do all of the following steps.

Now we need to swap pin 10 & 9. Note the connector we want to change has the key facing out (see photos).

We will be changing the wires that were pin 1 (red stripe) & 2 on the Anet board and now are pins 9 & 10 (red stripe) on the MKS. See photos along with the following steps.

  • I did this by partly disassembling the connector.
  • Clipping away the two wires together, peeling them back about an inch or two.
  • Trimming off about 8mm from the end of these two wires, trust me do this.
  • Turning them over where the red striped wire is inside of the ribbon. (see photo)
  • Reassemble the connector.
  • If you are unsure of your work then PLEASE check for a short across pins 1 & 2 before trying the cable.
  • If everything is ok then plug it into EXT1

For the reset button, we need to connect pin 7 [ribbon cable] to pin 8 on EXT2.

Turn on power to your MKS and watch the magic.



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    7 days ago on Step 1

    Some of my changes are not showing on the web view but can be found by downloading the PDF.

    Also, I am attaching the pin files with changes for the:
    MKS Gen 1.4
    MKS Gen L