Using Energy Saver Light Circuit for LEDs (An Improved Energy Saver Light Hacked From CFL Circuit)





I am using this idea since last six months, it just came in my mind (why not experiment).
You need the circuit of an energy saver bulb whose tube is burnt or damaged.
This is a high voltage and high frequency generating circuit, be careful there is high voltage present if you connect it to AC line. There is a high voltage input capacitor (from 2.2uf to 10uf 400 volts). The idea is to put a bridge rectifier on the output on this circuit and use for LEDs.
A 23 to 25 watt energy saver’s output can produce 165 mA current (it is written on it) for the energy saver light bulb. We need to use this constant current output for our LED lights. By using bridge rectifier (ultra fast)  you can get 100 volts of DC. A high frequency switching output cannot be rectified properly by using normal bridge rectifier like 1N4007 or similar. We need an ultrafast diode to make a bridge rectifier like UF4007,BYV26 or similar.

Step 1: Open Energy Saver Bulb and Remove Its Tube

Open energy saver bulb and carefully remove its burnt tube from the top. Be careful its glass tube.

Step 2: Filament Connections

Identify filament connections and joining capacitor.
See where filaments of the energy saver bulbs are connected.

Step 3: Short the Filament Points

Short the filament points using soldering iron

Short filament 1 connections together
Short filament 2 connections together
Remove filament joining capacitor

Step 4: Bridge Rectifier

Make bridge rectifier and add capacitor on the output
You need a ultra fast switching diode uf4007 or similar and 0.1uf 400v capacitor

Step 5: Add BR on the Circuit Board

Now solder the bridge rectifier to the circuit board from where you have  removed the filament joining capacitor

Step 6: Connection Wires

Now add connection wires to the output of the BR +ve and -ve
Here you will get about 100V DC and 130 mA current

Step 7: Make a Series of LEDs

A 0.5 watt at 3.3v LED consumes 150mA current so it is safe to make a series of 30 LEDs. You can use small LEDs of 20 mA current in multiple strings till the output current and voltage matches (30 LEDs in each string)
LEDs can be assembled on a heat sink insulated material or if using 20mA LEDs then on PCB. When circuit is ON Do not touch the LEDs or any area of circuit as there are high voltage present . I have used 23 to 25 watt energy saver circuits. There are 45 watt and 85 watt circuits available which can produce more current (a one watt of energy saver bulb will consume 7.2 mA current so 45 watt can produce 100V and 320mA). In this way 1 Watt LEDs can be used. Following light is consuming 230V at 53mA input and producing 12.5 watt light.

Step 8: Complete Light

Here is complete light it is rated 12.5 watt. At the AC 230v input it is consuming 53 mA current.

Step 9: Other Big Light Using Two Energy Saver Circuits

Step 10:

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1 year ago

Cool, it is very ingenious solution, and lasts longer than CFLs

1 reply

2 years ago

Dear friend ,I am from Iran
Thank you very much for sharing your precious ideas with us.

Best wishes

Nate like

2 years ago

it is a very nice idea


3 years ago

how can i use 2 or 3 3 w led only with this one ????


Reply 3 years ago

HI, Did you face led flickering problem. pls suggest which parts you use in your circuit.


5 years ago on Introduction

Hello dear!
Sorry I was not checking my e-mails due to some problem.
Yes we can measure the output voltage with and without load.
Can you please let me know where you placed that resistor.
We can directly measure that voltage without any resistor directly with DVM.
Please check the selector of your DVM it looks like it is on Current selection. (I hope so).

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Reply 3 years ago

Hello Sir, I build this circuit using uf4007 diode. 1w led glow properly with flickering. what can I do.


3 years ago

can i use it on ups i mean mostly we people use bulbs on ups will it do any harm to ups


4 years ago on Introduction

Aslam.o.Alikm Ramiz Bhai
I like it, but I have a few questions regarding to this system.
please guide me about these points.
1. Why we are using LEDs instead of fluorescent bulb(rod)? As a new fluorescent bulb(rod) is available in market just for 40/-PKR.
2. If we use LEDs as u describe, then that circuit will use less current/energy or same as was using before with fluorescent bulb(rod). Means circuit was of 23 watt, then how much it will consume energy after attaching led, instead of fluorescent bulb(rod)? 23 watt?
3. Is the light/lumens of LEDs with this circuit will be more or same as before with fluorescent bulb?
Waiting for your reply.
Allah Hafiz :)


4 years ago

Hello! Greats instruction! I tested with 60 led string 150mA but it's doesn't work, maybe is the input 120v 60hz, what do I need to change in your opinion ?

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Reply 4 years ago

Well dear you need to change number of LEDs I hope you know how to measure voltage across the two ends of LEDs string. I think you missed some points in my instructable please read it again. Due to the 120v may be you are getting less volts.
For example If there are 60 volts output then you need
60/3.3 =18 LEDs.



Rameez bhai, plz tell me Leds series mien laganay hein ya phir parallel and humein 23 watt ya 24 watt wala circuit kitnay volt da ga...EMAIL ADDRESS:



Rameez bhai, plz tell me Leds series mien laganay hein ya phir parallel and humein 23 watt ya 24 watt wala circuit kitnay volt da ga...EMAIL ADDRESS:

AOA, Rameez bhai,

I am so glad to see a real electronic engineer like you..

Rameez bhai, I want to use energy saver circuit to energize 5A and 12v LED..kindly tell me the process, In above process u r talking about the mA but i want 5A and 12 v from the energy saver circuit kindly help me,

2 replies

Please also note the voltage and current rating of the LED as they will get damaged if more voltage is given to them as the current will also increase and LED will get damage. Also it will produce lot of heat.

Please note that energy saver can not produce current in Amp.
The experiment which I did was only in mA. (150mA)
You need a proper LED driver for getting large current in Amps.

I actually used the voltage (100 volts) for a string of LEDs.

You can get a good switching power supply of 5A 12V from the market as they really and exactly produce the power you need. Then use it for your purpose. Thank you.