Using Images in Email Addresses As Protection From Spammers

Introduction: Using Images in Email Addresses As Protection From Spammers

Suggestion for making email addresses harder to harvest off webpages, as a deterrent to spammers or spambots

Step 1: One Can Use an Image File Instead of the @company.TLD (TLD Is Com, Org, Net, Etc) Part of the Email Address on a Webpage. I Think Some Webdesigners Do This Already.

Step 2:

My suggestion: As many organizations use a name-surname or name.surname format in their email addresses, a spammer could just pick up a bunch of word-word or word.word combinations off the webpage, then append the @company.TLD part. Using an image file for the hyphen or the dot (.) will make the spammer's task harder, as the wordIMAGEword layout is harder to "harvest" as text.



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    If you go to:
    they have a free tool that will take your inputs and give you encoded javascript to put on your Web page. For someone using a Web browser it will appear normal, but for a 'bot looking at the page source it won't be able to find it. I've used this one my personal Web site for many years, and it seems to work well.

    OPPS!!!! little problem here, the second part isn't show correctly...

    followed by:

    a href="javascript:bjorn('wheels')"><img src="email.gif" width="199" height="20" border="0" alt=""></a

    I've removed the < and > so that it will hopefully show up a little more correct.

    Here is how I do it:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>
    function bjorn(adress) {
    window.location.replace('mailto:' +adress+ '');

    followed by:

    [javascript:bjorn('wheels') <img src="email.gif" width="199" height="20" border="0" alt="">]

    Now lets take it apart.... the "" in the first part is my domain name... so change that to whatever your's is. In the second part the "wheels" is the email name. Lastly you have the tiny gif image (or whatever flavor you want).

    So what happens is when you click on the email address gif image, the Java script puts to seperate bits of info together and slaps it down in your email client.

    Point by "bug_me_not" noted. I do not endorse using mailto code (perhaps because I never used a mail program, only web-based email programs), but that is just me. mdmoose29: As I wrote, its a "suggestion", and I invited input, IF the community here thought the idea could be useful. I do not know any html, beyond the bold and italics tags :-)

    this is a hoax, because if you program a search in a web to find adresses you will do it on the htm code not in "surface", in this way although you use an image, in code you used the direction in the mailto instruction.

    this makes now sense. If you're gonna have a link. You would have to put the address in anyway. Spiders, crawlers, trollers or whatever you want to call them will find the addresses, just the same. If you are just typing out the address for people to copy. You could get the same effect by putting in spaces or changing "@" to "AT". Or is there something I'm not getting??? Coz I'd really like to know!

    this really doesn't tell one how they would go about doing that. you just say that we should.