Using My Salsa Bowl Theory to Improve Your Life and Social Standing!




This instructable will explain my Salsa Bowl Theory and how to apply it to your life to improve your dining delight and impress your friends!! Oh, yeah, I am referring to salsa, the food, not the dance (though it may prove true for the dance, but I doubt it)

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Step 1: What Is My Salsa Bowl Theory?

My Salsa Theory that I have developed and tested is as follows:

A bowl of private or community salsa becomes LESS hot and spicy as more SALT is added, thus, the last few bites of salsa are the mildest and the first few bites of salsa are the spiciest.

This salt is generally deposited from salty tortilla chips being dipped into the salsa. Salt is also sometimes added when the occasional individual who pours salt on their salsa dipped chips over the bowl or when needed for flavor.

Step 2: How Can the Salsa Bowl Theory Help Me?

So, now you want to know how you can use the Salsa Bowl Theory to benefit yourself and social standing; here is what you do:

1. To benefit yourself, use Salsa Bowl Theory to eat salsa at your exact favorite level of spiciness. Is the salsa too spicy? Just hang out for a few minutes and wait for others to turn down the heat. Salsa seem mild or "medium", eat it now before others can tone it down with their chip-salt.

2. To gain social standing, either tell people Salsa Bowl Theory and either say you read it on the Internet or, better yet, claim you made it up! People will be amazed at your cleverness and powers of observation.

Also, if everyone is eating the salsa and saying "Wow, this is sooo spicy"; excuse yourself to use the restroom and come back in five to ten minutes. By this time the salsa is toned down... but everyone will already have fiery mouths... you can just start snacking and say something cool like, "This isn't spicy at all!" or "In (insert cool and distant location here), this is mild salsa! You guys are all lightweights!"

I hope my Salsa Bowl Theory can help you in some way... if it does, leave a comment!

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      10 years ago on Introduction

      actually, wat happens is the salt just helps break down the veggie cells in the mix, it does nothing to the spicyness. The mildness comes from the oil. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chiles that males them irritant to all mucosal surfaces, and it's highly lipo-soluble, meaning it dissolves in fats. So, if your chips are fried, they'll leave traces of oil in the mix, catching the capsaicin molecules and binding to them. So whenever you get an inedible bowl of pasta, add a teaspoon of olive oil and check again for fire