Using Six Coins to Fix the Broken and Falling Filter Covers of Ventilator in the Kitchen



About: I am a hot low-fi hi-tac robot from Hong Kong!

It is difficult to find and install new filter covers for the old ventilator in the kitchen. This is an easy way to fix it with less effort.

Step 1: Temporarily Fixing the Filter Cover Position

Use strong tape to temporarily fixing the filter covers position of the ventilator in kitchen.

Step 2: Clean the Surface of the Ventilator and Stick the Coins to the Corners

Please ensure the surface of the corners are dry and clean. Then,you can use General Purpose Silicone (I bought it with HK$10, so cheap!) to stick the coins at the corners .

Step 3: The Silicone Is Not Smelly Like Before Now a Day!

The silicone is cute under the light : )

Step 4: Finished!

After one night, the silicone is dry and strong.
You may take away all the fixing tapes. The ventilator looks cool with the coins. I love the style!

Looking forward for another happy cooking. Cheers!

P.S. If you would like to take the coins away, you may simply use a cutter to slice them away from the ventilator carefully. Very handy.

Step 5: Save the Silicone for Next Time.



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