Using Templates in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction: Using Templates in Adobe Photoshop

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Although I rarely used templates or mockups in Adobe Photoshop I found this source to be very quick, easy and great-looking. It would be an amazing presentation for your work.

To complete this Instructable you will need:

Step 1: What You Will Need to Know

This is a very easy tutorial. You won't need prior knowledge of Photoshop to make it work.
Layers - layers panel in Photoshop. In this tutorial you will need only layer select on the picture (in yellow)
Move tool - will help you to drag your picture into the work field.

Step 2: Adding Pictures

Adding your picture to the mockup

  1. Double click on the destination layer (it says "image here")
  2. A new file will open, with an empty rectangle.
  3. Open the picture you want to place
  4. Select Move tool
  5. Click on the picture, drag it to the file you want to use (the one from step 2)
  6. Position your picture the way you want (you can use Edit > Free transform)
  7. Save the file (File > Save)
  8. Your original file should had been updated

Step 3: Voila, You Have Your Amazing Picture Ready!

You can now save your pictures (File > Save or File > Save for Web)

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