Using the 'Bone Tool' in Adobe Flash Professional




Introduction: Using the 'Bone Tool' in Adobe Flash Professional

The Bone tool can be used to create an armature using symbols or to create an armature using vector shapes. Here's a simple example of building a basic armature using the ellipse shape.

Step 1: Create a Document

Create a new Flash document and select ActionScript 3.0

Step 2: Draw a Shape

Draw an ellipse using the ellipse tool.

Step 3: Convert Shape Into Symbol

Convert the ellipse shape into a symbol by right-clicking the shape. Select 'convert to symbol' and choose 'graphic' under Type. 

Step 4: Duplicate Symbol

Duplicate the symbol by holding on to Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key and drag the symbol to a new location. Flash will duplicate every time you click and drag the shape. Thereafter, select the bone tool

Step 5: Using the Bone Tool

Select the first ellipse using the bone tool (M), linking it to the second ellipse. Do the same for the rest of the ellipse symbols. 

Step 6: Manipulate Armature in Real Time

Select the Selection tool (V) and drag the last bone. The entire armature can now be manipulated in real time as you drag the last bone around. A new keyframe that copies the properties of the previous animation can be created by pressing F6 on your keyboard. 

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