Using the HX Outdoors D-121 Survival Knife

Introduction: Using the HX Outdoors D-121 Survival Knife

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The HX Outdoors D-121 Survival Knife is a great knife to have with you in a survival situation or just in the outdoors while camping. This knife is is made from 440C stainless steel and is coated in titanium. It is a fixed blade knife and makes excellent wood shavings for starting fire. It also can make a good throwing knife. Above is a video of Blake Alma showing off this great knife.

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Step 1: Gripping the Knife

Take your hands and grab onto the handle of the blade. Make your hand as a fist while holding. Lock your hands and strike woods for wood shaving or to whittle. You can also use this grip to penetrate objects.

Step 2: Bottle Opener

The back of the blade can be used to pop open glass bottles. Take the spine of the blade and use the groove on the spine to pop open a bottle.

This knife is available for purchase at, if you do not own this knife.

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    3 years ago

    Right, jmadara. And not even a good one. Looking at the convex shape of the blade, I would not be very keen to resharp this in an outdoor/survival situation.


    3 years ago

    Aren't Instructables suppose to teach you something? This is just an ad for the knife.