Using the Silhouette Craft Cutter With Zotebook

Introduction: Using the Silhouette Craft Cutter With Zotebook

We usually use Zotebook with a laser cutter, but lately we've realized how handy the craft cutter is.

At a fraction of the cost of a laser cutter, it's perfect for making prototype models with students.

And we can use it right in the classroom.

Zotebook also provides a way for crafters to make precise, but creative drawings without having to learn a complicated CAD program.

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Step 1: Zotebook

Zotebook is the iPad app that turns rough sketches into precise drawings.

Check out our Instructable to see how it works

You can create a login for to free to draw.

To download files to use with the craft cutter, subscribe at

Step 2: Silhouette Craft Cutter

I am using the Silhouette "Cameo 2" craft cutter.

The "Curio" works in a similar way, but has a smaller cutting space.

To use outside SVG files with the Silhouette Studio software you will need the upgraded version, "Designer Edition."

Download online at their website.

Step 3: Connect Your Computer to the Cutter.

Turn the cutter on, connect the USB cable, and open Silhouette Studio on your desktop.

Step 4: Load Construction Paper and Set Cut Blade

In this example I am using construction paper.

  • I put the construction paper on the sticky cut mat.
  • Position the mat to load, hit "Load" in the Silhouette touch screen.
  • The blade depth is for this is 2.

*Handy tip, if you lose the tiny blade setter, there is one built INSIDE the cutter just to the left.

Step 5: Login at

In a second window, open and from here select "My Sketches" and look for the file you want to print.

Step 6: You Want to Be Able to Access Both Zotebook and Silhouette Studio on Your Computer.

Step 7: Select the File From Zotebook and Drop Into Silhouette

6 simple steps:

  • Select SVG from Zotebook to create the file.
  • Drag the File directly into Silhouette.
  • Select the file.
  • Select the pen in the upper right corner.
  • Click the "Cut Edge" icon, see the shape turn red.
  • Hit "Send to Silhouette."

Step 8: Watch It Cut

Step 9: Press Unload to Release the Cut Mat

Step 10: Remove Your Cut Image and Make Some More!

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