Using the Cone Method to Make a Half Parabolic Dish From an 8 by 4 Sheet of Corrugated Plastic

Introduction: Using the Cone Method to Make a Half Parabolic Dish From an 8 by 4 Sheet of Corrugated Plastic

About: I am a stone mason. My hobby is making new solar cooking and gardening stuff. I have used solar heat to cook soil for a couple of years. In mother earth news in January, i read that their compost expert does...

Parabolic dishes can be used to solar cook food and pasteurize water in disaster areas like Pakistan or Haiti.  Normally they are made using a petal template and then cutting 12 or more petals from a  piece of sheet material. These are then joined together to make the dish. Here is the "cone method" which is normally used to make full dishes.
I modified it because i need a half dish for an experiment.    If used to make a half dish, it seems that the cone method makes extremely good use of a 4 by 8 sheet of corrugated plastic.
It might just be that the cone method is easier than petals in this instance.
I show it here so that others can test it out and improve on what I found.

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    The project is continuing slowly. I have it in an album on facebook (with captions)
    I made the half dish today. I still have to make something to keep it rigidly in shape.
    It is part of the tracking solar accumulator project so there is other stuff there too.
    I will not be adding captions to that video because it is the first video about the subject and I do not plan to keep it very long.
    Hopefully things will go smoothly and I can add an instructable about this.
    The dish is about 1.5 sq meters so pretty big. Very little material was wasted.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Did you just make a video thats just another instructable opened in firefox?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty much. I have the info elsewhere too but they do not have the great use of image notes that instructables has.
    But admin closed off the instructable. (Due to lack of detail).
    The detail is in the image notes.
    I will fix the instructable at some stage.
    I needed to get the cone idea out quickly because it has so much potential.
    I, myself, might not be able to test it this year.
    Work (masonry) competes for the sunny days, rainy season has come early, and I lose the sun in early October anyway. (North facing yard).


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I don't understand spoken English!! No any single word in this case...

    Can you add captions? Or better, to write an complete instructable. Thanks