Using Your PSP / PSvita to Control Your Ps3. (Media System)

So will this be another tutorial on setting up Remote Play?
Well mostly yes.

Heres the deal. I mostly use my ps3 as a media center, therefore my audio system is hooked up to the ps3. Normally i would have to turn my tv on, and since my tv is an old 32" LCD with fluorescent backlight, it gets quite hot.
When my ps3, pc, audio system, and my tv are running, it gets quite hot in my room, and it turns out, that the TV is a very big part of that.
Therefore i decided to give Remote play a try.

What will i cover?

1)    Setting up Remote Play.

2)    Getting the audio to play over your ps3, instead of on the remote devices speakers.

Yes its gonna be a short one ;)

Heres an example of the result:

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Step 1: Setting Up Remote Play

First you will need to go to remote play on your PSP / Vita / Alternative remote device. Here i'm showing a Vita, as that is what i'm using.

Once in Remote Play, 

Step 2: Getting the Audio Out of Your Audio System.

This step is quick and easy. As with the previous step, the instructions are on the pictures.

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