Using Your Car As a Solar Oven.

Introduction: Using Your Car As a Solar Oven.

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Using your car as a solar oven.(or why not to leave kids or pets in the car when it it warm outside). I probably could have made an egg mcmuffin look-a-like by letting some milk curdle to make cheese and cooked a soda biscuit.  Just did the egg for sake of simplicity.

Part 1 We cooked an egg in the car.
Part 2 Making cheese
Part 3 Making bread

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Step 1:

What's needed:
1 warm day with the sun ablaze.
1 automobile facing the sun.
1 dark cup
1 oven bag
1 egg

Step 2: What to Do:

What to do:
Break the egg in the dark cup.
Put cup with egg into oven bag and seal.
Place them on you windshield so that the cup rims come into contact with the windshield. Might want some cushioning in case something gets bumped and you do not want a broken windshield. 
Close the car door so that no air can get inside.
Let it cook
When done remove and eat. this is great for when you are working in the yard and you do not want to waste time in the kitchen,

Step 3: Eat!

Be careful as the cup will be very hot, you might want to have a hand towel to cover your hand while removing the cup.  Um good.

Step 4: Making Cheese in the Car.

Large coffee cup of milk with a bit of rennet and vinegar.  We will see what happens. Rennet usually only needs close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to coagulate the milk to separate it into curds and whey. It worked perfectly!!!

Step 5: Making Hot Cakes in the Car.

Do not think the car will get hot enough to make the hotcakes. will shall see. I am going to use powdered pancake mix that just requires water for this test. That being said you could probably toast a piece of bread on the hood for sure during the summer.

Note: I may try this again since it is really hot out there now.

Step 6: Let's Try Flat Bread

This did not turn out so well, but then it was not that warm outside. Will trry it again when it is 107degrees Fahrenheit outside the car.

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    Thanx for the comment. It surprised me too. It was only in the eighties that day. It has been raining the last couple of days, so no chance to try a full meal. Should be in the nineties this week (hope not)/ I will try to make biscuits and cheese and see what happens. .


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great, I always say that a solar cooker for the summer may be just the car, but I did not think it would be so effective.