Usual Batteries Charges CellPhone





Introduction: Usual Batteries Charges CellPhone

Usual batteries can charge cell phone? How to make Cellphone charger for anyone 'on-the-go'! You will need only charger plug, resistor 2 Om, and four batteries AA size. Simple , easy to make and very useful!



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    would be better to use a forward biased silicon diode (voltage drop =~.7 volts) leaving 5,3 volts nominally in the usb specs for any battery of a higher voltage i.e. nine volt a regulator is needed
    careful some regulators drop excess voltage as heat wasting valuable watts

    NO, not only in America both companies are American therefore would not break copyright laws, the energizer bunny is a trademark, the problem lies with lowlife foreign companies who steal american intellectual properties. counterfeit batteries are a well known problem in lesser countries.

    I made ​​a guide inspired by the circuitry found on the web and I optimized.

    Only in America does Energizer have the bunny as a trademark. Elsewhere, duracell also has bunnies.

    What is the polarity on phones using a Micro mini USB connection like the Motorola phones and the LG phones?

    bit of a noob question: do i need a regulator/resistor at all?
    can't i just use a 6v battery combo to charge a 5.2v device?
    or will that be a very bad idea?
    suggestiond please.

    I would just do the same, except with a 6-volt spring-terminal lantern battery

    I have to say that it is clever but not very useful. If in order to create this charger you require a cable that plugs into the phone it is most likely that that original cable could be used to charge it either through a computers usb or the mains anyway. I guess it is useful to take with you on a trip.

    If there was a way to charge a phone BATTERY so you don't need a cable to plug into it then it would be more useful.

    Thats much better than putting a 2 ohm resistor, specially because if the cellphone does not use much current.

    this one is not very good....coz once ur batteries go to below 5v u cant charge anymore....u should use a 9V and hook it up to a 5V regulator...i made worked well on my psp