Utah Ute Necklace



This was originally going to be a key chain but when my wife saw it she said it would be a great necklace. If I had a 3D printer I'd show you what it would look with a chain through that hole, finished. It is suppose to hang from the one side but that may turn out to be not so appealing. In that case I could easily create a hole on the other side so it will hang level.

If it was scaled down a little bit it could be used as matching earrings!

Utes Fans?

Is there any Utes fans out there with a 3D printer that is interested in this? I have ideas for other necklaces, rings, bracelets, use the printer to make a mold to make castings (Is that possible)

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Step 1:

Use "Line" to make the U.

Step 2:

Under "Model" tab use "Boundary Patch" to join all the lines together

Step 3:

Under the "Model" tab use the "Extrude" tool to turn the 2D outline into a 3D block

Step 4:

Click "Create 2D sketch" then select the top left outside edge of the U as the plane.
Create rectangler box using the "Line" function

Step 5:

Under the "Model" tab use "Revolve" function.
Select the rectangle from Step 4 as the "Profile". Then select the line on the top corner of the U as the "Axis".
Select -Full- and select to "Cut" creating a hole in the top left block of the U.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm fairly new 'round here. I'm a Ute fan (it's my Alma Mater), and I have a 3D printer. From what I've been reading, it's possible to use the 3D printed object to create your mold(s) from; I believe there are other 'ibles that cover that process. Let me know how I can help!