Utility Box




Introduction: Utility Box

Today make a multipurpose box with recycled materials ; the materials we use are:

Carton of 37cm X 24cm

½ meter cloth

One old shirt


Silicon liquid

8 plastic bottles (milk )

Masking tape color

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Step 1: Plastic Container

Cut the milk cans 10 cm , hitting 4; with liquid silicone and sharp contour cover with masking tape to avoid cuts .

Step 2: Box

We cover the box with fabric with the help of liquid silicone .

Step 3: T-shirt

With T-shirt, cut the bottom and sew to create a cover , place it inside the box.

Step 4: Handle

With a piece of plastic cut a strip of 3 sides and making a killing with a piece of fabric to make the handle , then we make a small cut in the box to put the handle in the box

Step 5: Ready to Use

Finally we put the boat in the box with dividers serve . And ready to use .

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    4 years ago

    Wow my Ellianna and I are going to make many of these! Stoked I didn't spend $100'S on " mom, we need these big bins for separating that". While I'm ready to give in b/c craigslist and the 2nd hand shops do not have "elianiruiz Utility Box". We NEED THESE bad for organizing our life! Thank you for sharing GOD BLESS YOU (I truly mean it)!