Utilizing Wall Space Effectively




Introduction: Utilizing Wall Space Effectively

Most of the makers and hackers have set up a small or big place which is named workshop, lab, study, kitchen or some other name . In short every DIYer have a "Dexters Laboratory " . But no matter how big of a space it is one eventually runs out of the floor space available. But even then there is still lot and lots of space depending on how we utilize the vertical surface or wall space. A usual general room has four wall with one one wall occupied by a window . That leaves us with 3 walls. In this Instructables , I am going to share with you some tips to how to decorate your walls in a practical way .

Happy Reading ! :)

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Step 1: Add a Storage System

A good storage system has easily obtainable containers of various sizes out of which any container can be withdrawn out without disturbing others.

Here you can recycle boxes of items used commonly and consistenly around the house. Like For example

  • Chocolate boxes
  • Cotton bud containers
  • Containers of creams
  • Containers of spectacles
  • Containers of Mints
  • Cardboard Boxes

And the list goes on and on .........

Commercially available small wall hanging organizers can also be used.

Step 2: Shelving System

Adding Free hanging selves give you places to place power tools and BIG items.

Plus Shelves also help you show off your creations , collectibles and other achievements.

Step 3: Adding Tool a Bag

A good strong and sturdy tool bag is a valuable addition to the wall for easy access to the tools

Step 4: Using Magnetic Knife Rack for Tools

A cool idea is to use a magnetic knife rack for sticking screwdrivers , socket wrenches , Pliers etc to the wall for easy access . Its better to have a tool in front sight then scour through a cluttered drwer !

Step 5: Hanging Hand Vaccuum on the Wall

A vacuum cleaner is must for every home workspace. It is helpful to have hand vacuum in easy reach for small and light jobs ...... better get a wet and dry kind one.

Step 6: Hanging Wearables

A organizer with hooks can be used to hang wearable items like

  • Safety Glasses
  • Head Lamps
  • Ear protectors


Step 7: Free Up Table Space

One can free up the table space by hanging the monitor of the PC using a walling hanger available cheaply.

Step 8: Don't Forget the Corners

Corners Make for effeicient storage space.

One can add corner bookshelve or simple angle iron shelves for storage.

P.S Can find the Chicken in the Pictures? :P

Step 9: Adding Pin Boards

Fabric Covered Pin Boards are helpful for sticking up tasks and reminders.

A small cork board may do the job also well.

Step 10: Magnetic Boards

A Steel Sheet covered with fabric and framed all around makes an excellent magnetic hanging board.

A magnetic board offers the advantage over pin board that of not damaging the material put up.

Step 11: Add a Peg Board

Last but not Least add a Pegboard .

A Pegboard is a metal or MDF sheet with a grid of small holes in it fixed to a wooden frame on a wall. Various organizing hooks are availaable for use with pegboards.

As pegboards were not currently available in my area so you'll just have to do with the picture of the wooden frame for now. :( I'll update the pictures as soon as I get the pegboard .

Hope you enjoyed the ible ! :D

Happy Reading and have a Good Day!

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