V-Day Unfolding Envelope Card




Introduction: V-Day Unfolding Envelope Card

This Valentine's Day Unfolding Envelope Card is so simple and fun to do.

Let's begin our cool card.

Step 1: Supplies

This is what you will need:

-Colored Paper (Pink, Light Pink, Red and Purple)
-Flower Hole Punch
-Colored Markers (I am using colorful sharpies)

Step 2: Drawing the Lines and Cutting

To begin, use the ruler to make a straight vertical line on both sides of your piece of paper.
Then cut both pieces off following the line so it stays straight.

Step 3: Folding

Now it is time to fold our card.

Fold the bottom up about halfway, so it covers the middle part of the card.
Then, on the top part of the card, fold the two corners in so it makes a point.
After you have folded the two corners in the top, fold that whole top section down and it should look like a closed envelope!

If you want, you can always tape the two corners down so the point stays.
Also, I used the edge of the ruler to make a good crease in all the folds.

Step 4: Decorating and Finishing

It's time to decorate the card! Yay!

You can write anything you'd like in this card. I did this card for Valentine's Day but this card can be used for any occasion.

I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day!!" inside my card. Then I simply glued some flowers on I used my hole punch to create. I did red, pink, and light pink flowers. Then I used my red sharpie marker to draw hearts and two flowers.

Simply close the card and tape the point down to make it stay closed and you have your envelope card!

Ta-Da! That's it. Happy Valentine's Day!

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