V Tool for the Lathe




Introduction: V Tool for the Lathe

About: I´m a Youtube and Twich streamer on Creative #woodworking, I do ugly fulgy stuff from reclaimed wood and other materials.So keep recycling, lets make it fun !!

I made the tool from pallet and an old file .
Sorry if i don´t use the correct terms i do this for fun i hope you all enjoy !!!

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Step 1: What Do You Need

The awesome free palette wood and an old file

Step 2: Get Your Wood Straight

Plane down the pallet wood straight so you can have a nice glue joint!

Step 3: Glue and Clampsp

Make sure you use a nice amount of glue and a good amount of clamps so the wood won't split.

Step 4: Cleaning the File

I used a grinder to clear all the file edges. Then used a water sand paper to sharpen all the edges.

Step 5: Plaine Again

Plained the blank so it your be square again !

Step 6: Cut!

I cutes 2 equal sizes to make a square blank for the handle


Yap plaine both to the same thickenness !

Step 8: Glue It "one Last Time"

I glue again . But with reverse so it would give a diferent look to the tool!

Step 9: Cuting the Blank

I dicided how long i wanted the handle and cut it to size !

Step 10: Turning

I turned the handle to a shape that i like and feel confortabale with !

Step 11: A Piece of Pipe "yummi"

I cuted a piece o Inox steel pipe to use as a piece to prevent the wood from crackle when you add the tool tip !

Step 12: Drill Drill a Hole

A hole to the tool tip . I tried to drill as straight as possible... a hole for the tip in the video did´nt loock that straight damit. the eye meter failed me !!!!

Note: normaly all my megurments are all by eyemeter.

Step 13: Pipe

I added the pipe part, and glue with CA glue and a few taps with my mallet , and bam steel put in its place

Step 14: Tool Tip

I did the same for the tool tip .Added CA glue hammer in with the malet and VOILA new Tool

Step 15: The Happiness

The end

The happiness of having a beefy new tool from old Junk !!!!!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Not sure how safe this is as lathe tools are usually made of carbide steel and files can be all sorts and are usually more rigid. There is a danger that this could shatter in use


    Reply 3 years ago

    @buck2217 since is just to some small V shape cut in the profile it should be ok i will make sure i will update id anything happens


    Reply 3 years ago

    Its not so much that it is more the forces on the tool in use. The metal in a file has less temper and thus give than that in a purpose manufactured turning tool. I'm sure it will work fine but just be careful