V6 Motor for RC Cars and Boats

I make V6 Motor using 6 1230 DC Motor can use for RC Cars, RC boats

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Step 1: Materials

Components include:

-6 Motor 1230

-2mmx100mm gear shaft

-2mm x6 plastic gears

-2mm crown toothed gear x3

-2mmx5mmx2.5mm x2 bearings

Step 2: Engine Cover Design

I designed the engine case with solidwork and 3D printing, file Solidwork: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cHTO2c6Uxsxla-VDtxZhEhL71Xri1OSm

Step 3: V6 Motor Assembly

Assembly process is shown in the video

Step 4: Test

Use 3.7V lithium battery

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