V8 Engine

Introduction: V8 Engine

This is a V8 Engine I created during my senior year of high school using Inventor 2014 and printed off of a 3D Airwolf printer. The engine has competed at Technology Education Association of Missouri District and State competition and won 1st place for Mechanical Drafting at both events. The engine does crank and is of original design, meaning I created it without any blueprints, I created it all myself.

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Step 1:


1. Engine Block

2. Oil Pan

3. Crankshaft


5. Piston Head

6. Piston Connector

7. Wrist Pin

Create using Inventor

Step 2:

After creating each part, go to file > export > and save as an .stl file.

Step 3:

After exporting, open file in your 3D printing software, scale to appropriate size, position parts, and print!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Could you elaborate and make this into an actual Instructable? Steps would be nice, with instructions to the process. We would like the opportunity to recreate it ourselves but not enough information is given