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Step 1:

So you wanna stop smoking? Wanna start vaping? Havent got a scooby doo what to do or what one is?

Step 2: What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes in which vapour (not smoke) is produced.

It depends on what type of ecig you buy but they all work the same way. Its works by the battery heating up a coil or wick inside what is called a clearomizer. Think of it like a kettle. The battery is the base where the kettle sits. You clearomizer is the kettle and you juice or eliquid is the water. When the kettle(clearomizer) is heated up it boils the water(eliquid) and creates steam( the vape)

Step 3: Do They Work?

The answer is yes they do? If you want to give up smoking try an electronic cigarette. Some people buy them and say they dont work because they dont know what they are buyin, what to do with them. Yada yada yada. Mostly in my opinion its because they dont want to stop smelling like a chimney!!

In my opinion youll never know unless you try.

Step 4: What Should You Buy?

To be entirely honest its down to you! There are many diffrent types of batteries, liquids and tanks. and im here to explain whats what!

The beat thing to do is pop into a vaping shop and ask for advice.

Step 5: So Whats What?

First off if your new to vaping go for a standard battery. These are rechargable and can vary in voltage output from 650mah (milli amp per hour. Dont know if i spelt that right) to 2500mah and higher!! As a beginnger i would suggest start low as it may be too stronger hit n may make you cough. If you find that a 650mah battery is too weak for you you can always go higher.

Also you have VV batteries( variable voltage) where you can up and down your voltage output to suit you.

Remember my kettle story? Well this is where it comes in. There are different types. There are some with wicks that are disposable(and a waste of money), some with replaceable coils recommended) and for the advanced vapers iut there you have RBAs or Rebuilable atomizers where you make your own coils and wixk them. And obviously the more you pay the better you vape will be. So if you dont want to pay too much ask you vendor. There are some cheap ones that work great

Now this is one of the biggies!! All SAFE liquids should only contain PG (propeleyne glycol) VG ( vegetable glycerine), your nicotine and your flavour. You can look these up online.
If you find a liquid that does not contain these do not buy it!!! As ive always said, if i cant read it dibt buy it!! You could be caping nail polish remover for all you know with cheap liquids!! So take my advice and buy from a shop!!

Next off liquids come in different levels of PG n VG. This is done to create bigger clouds or cloud chasing. A typical liquid can be a ratio of 60PG/40VG. As the PG levels increase so does the vape. And the clouds that can be made? Woah!!! Just be sure to buy a juice thats compatible with you tank. Too thick and it will dry burn your coil.

Mechanical mods are quite the rage latley along with box mods. They are basically a metal casing in which you insert seperate rechargable batteries. These work by the internal pins passing a current thtough to the clearomiser or atomizer(RBA). By doing this you are vaping off the batteries raw power. Again ask you vendor. Be careful with these as they get very warm. Also using an uncompatible clearomiser can cause the battety to short out. Its hurts

Step 6:

Btw. This is my first instructable so hope you enjoyed. Happy vaping!!



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