VEGETARIAN Martyn's 'Fruit N Root' Curry

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What do ya do when you have a bunch of Veggies that would otherwise spoil, and you fancy a Curry?

ANSWER: 'Martyn's Fruit n Root Curry'!!

Take, 1 Courgette, 3 or 4 small Onions, 2 Carrots, 1 Parsnip, 2 Over ripe Tomatoes a few small potatoes an apple and a Banana! add a tin of chopped tomatoes and some spices n WOW!!!!!.....Be prepared to be amazed!!

Yes, i know there is brocolli in the pic, but on closer inspection even I wouldn't eat it...and that is saying something!

Step 1: Starting Off.....

chop the onions, add to the pan with 2 or 3 tbs Olive oil fry on medium till starting to brown a little add the carrots, cut these as chunky as ya like

Step 2: Getting There

add the tomatoes quartered an the Parsnip peeled n chopped small and a large heaped spoon of tomato puree......

the tomato puree is optional but makes a huge difference to the finished dish

Step 3: Dont Forget the Tim of Chopped Tomatoes!!!!

Add the chopped courgette, slice the potatoes and add, add a dash of salt, 4 tbsp of lemon juice and a level tbsp of each of the curry pastes or if you dont like to mix ( i used both as i was using the korma one up, the jar was near empty) then add the tin of chopped tomatoes juice n all added then about a half cup of water and let simmer for 2 hours, on low..stirring every 20 mins or so

Step 4: After 30 Mins Off Simmer

add a chopped banana and a chopped apple.........i dont know why i dont have the pics!

Step 5: Serve N Enjoy!

After a couple of hours of simmer.....turn off and let cool.....IF you can wait till the next day to reheat and eat, it tastes even BETTER! If not.....get stuck in!



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    That Is my kind of dish. Simple.tasty, and easy to do. GREAT!

    Thanks for sharing

    malc in Spain