Introduction: VERY DANGEROUS Ninja Stars :)

Build two ninja stars for my twin boys...It took me about 1 hour....

Did not sharpen the spikes too much to avoid any newbie injury...Latter I can make them sharper...

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Step 1: Did Two Ninja Stars for My Kids

Bought heavy duty PVC round cover from Lowes at $2.58 each...

Gave each names: Smile Buster and Grievance Enabler

Step 2: The Covers Are About 4' 1/4

did layout for 8 spikes, you can do whatever layout you want

Step 3: Nothing Special on the Layout

I left the wholes in the middle of the spikes to latter inc a small fireworks pop it with fuse for additional spectacle...

It will be the upgrade mod

Step 4: Cut With Along the Lines

I did all cuts in same direction first to expedite.

Then did the cuts facing opposite direction.

I used a hack saw with steel blade...The PVC is extremely hard.

Used a strong utility knife to remove deburs and sharpen the spike ends.

Step 5: It Looks OK!

My kids luv I hope :0 And they are functional too!

next weekend probably already forgot they have them :0 ahahah

Did not made of steel yet because is heavier and more dangerous..My kids are 11 and I am concerned about injury....

Safety is biggest priority...So I taught them to not throw this if anyone is at their line of sight towards the target...

So far I just tried on cardboard box and it punctures the thing right through...Of course, they don't have my strength as I do, but they can make it work too without a doubt..once they got a hang of it, I will do the metal ones...

You can Can use Styrofoam targets too and play and do stars with more or less spikes, depending on the target medium, and try different designs...

Have fun!

Your kids will appreciate this very much..more so if you make this fast fun project with them!

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    That's cool, I'm surprised it can puncture the cardboard so well. :)