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Introduction: VERY Eco Baby Dress

About: Sam is a member of Flowering Elbow. Loves gardening, sewing, cooking, bright colours and pottering around with up-cycling/recycling/ re-using and revamping.

It seems I am at the time of life where lots of people I know are having babies! Baby clothes are expensive, so I thought I'd try a DIY. I spotted this great pattern ( and thought that it seemed do-able. 

The pattern and tutorial is really easy to follow, so I didn't take pictures of the process, but this is how I set about making it less of an environmental burden.

Trawling through my fabric collection, though there were lots of nice, more interesting fabrics, I kept coming back to the fact that if I were to buy anyone anything, it is usually organic and fair trade whenever possible, and especially when babies are concerned. That did limit the choice rather but I did manage to find an old organic sheet that had worn through in the middle, but was fine around the edges and is really rather nice, if plain. I also had some scraps of organic jersey and hemp from past t-shirt modifcations and past projects.- hooray!

Again, searching through my button collection, there were lots of funky plastic ones that would have done the trick, but that seemed to let the dress down. Luckily I had a couple of cute wooden ones, they needed a refurb, some sanding and oiling, but I think they turned out ok.

And to top it off on the green scales - it was a lovely sunny day when I was sewing this, so we could take full advantage of our PV panels generation and can genuinely  say 'powered by renewable electricity'! :)

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