VEX Kit Organizer

Introduction: VEX Kit Organizer

I wanted to organize the parts in our new school VEX kit to get started, but didn't know where to actually begin. I came up with these cardboard forms to get going, until we get back to school and can get something more durable. But here is at least a start.

You will need:
Sturdy scissors or an exacto knife
Measuring tape or yard stick
Contact or graph paper

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Step 1: Break Down Your Box and Cut to Size

Break down your box until you have a flat sheet of cardboard. I used the flaps for the shorter dividers and the long sections for the longer dividers. Cut the height you want your dividers to be. My box fit nicely with 3.5 inch dividers.

Step 2: Cut Divider Lengths and Tabs

I cut my dividers to be the length and width of my tub. Ours were 18.75 inches for the long ones, and 10.75 for the short. Then I cut notches in the pieces to fit them together. I cut notches halfway through the pieces, four inches in from the ends on the short pieces and over 8.25 and 13.5 on the long.

Step 3: Put Pieces Together

Nestle the pieces together at the tabs, and place them down in the tub to make sure they fit. They should wiggle right down on the grooves of the tub nicely. I needed to cut one of the shorter tabs smaller so the long pieces would fit, oh well, it works.

Step 4: Wrap the Pieces With Paper

I took the dividers apart for this step, don't get excited and sort pieces on quite yet! Cut paper 7 inches wide, and as long as your pieces. Glue it on the cardboard forms, and cut the notches out again. I had to cut two sheets for the long pieces. Again, not too perfect, but it made the pieces a little stronger and the top edges covered (I was afraid of cardboard cuts with kids)

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