VFECAFGS (Very Fast, Easy, Cheap, Almost Free, Garage Shelves)

Introduction: VFECAFGS (Very Fast, Easy, Cheap, Almost Free, Garage Shelves)

I am leaving Instructables, soon. I am very upset with the turnaround that has the page to post t...

Yesterday my garage was in chaos.

Today my garage is less chaotic than yesterday because of some "ghetto shelves" I made.

Step 1: Before

I am of that type of people that does not throw anything to the trash. Therefore, I go accumulating rods, straps, wires, pipes, plates, tin, etc, etc.

Therefore, as the years pass, my garage goes becoming a small hell where does not remain place for the car neither for the people.

Step 2: What to Do?

Buying a conventional bookcase would not solve my problem, and besides would invest me some money. So I decided to do the following thing:

I bought a piece of steel iron for the construction, 8 mm diameter. I chosed that measure because already had a corresponding widia bit, but equal would be able to have chosed 10 mm.

The iron is not expensive.

The pictures are self explained. Click on the inner notes.

Step 3: Holes in the Wall

I used a long widia bit of the same diameter of the iron rods.

The holes must be all at the same height. I guided myself for the distance to the ceiling. The distance among holes depends on the length of the objects to keep.

Step 4: Doing a Tilt Guide

All the holes should be the same tilt. Then, it is convenient to have a guide.

I did it with three pieces of wood. You can use what you prefer.

Step 5: Inserting the Rods in the Wall

With a hammer, but not with excessive force, insert the rods in the holes.

Step 6: Finally, Putting the Stuff in the "shelves"

Over this rods you can put things whose length is greater than de distance between the rods.

You can also to hang things of they.

Be care the stuff not fall after easily.

You must know that this arrangement is more efficient in the use of the space, but the accessibility of the things saved in this form is now minor that when they were simply supported against the wall: each time that you need some tube, wand, etc, you will have to look for a stair and (with care of not killing to somebody down) search in your treasure and go down it.



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    when we decided to replace our queen size beds with kings, the frames for the kings were included in the price of the mattress/boxspring so I had two metal queen sized bed frames available.  I chained them to the beams in my garage and filled one in with folding door panels ( for the heavy duty boxes) and lattice for the lighter loads.  and have two wonderful lofts for storage.  the bases are 6.5' above the floor to allow most of us to walk under them and hold about 16 to twenty boxes* and double that if you wish to stack them. people who have come to my garage sales marvel at the space and my garage actually has room to park out cars. if anyone would like photos just let me know and I will post them.
    on the lattice based one I store all the pads for out summer furniture in the center and label the boxes on the outside peremiter for easy access.

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    Hi, I know it's been quite a while since you posted this comment. But since I've just read this tutorial now it's my first possibility to write to you and show my interest in your queen size bedframe garage storage unit. I would very much like to see what and how you mounted the bed frame. It sounds very interesting


    I retired december 30, 2009. Then, during january and february I had to devote time to reorder my garage. I found another way to get storage is hanging pipes under the ceiling, thereby providing a grip for S hooks, and hang them all wire rolls, cables, hoses and the like that I cherish in case I ever need them. To hang rolls, the S hooks must be "3D" twisted, so the rolls can be parallel one to other, and perpendicular to the pipe.

    I don't know how I lived without this website.

    I can see how twisting the s hooks would work. thanks for passing it on. 

    Hay un par de meses me miró durante un tiempo para revisar todas sus Instructables, ya que casi todos están en la mira para el aprendizaje. Es decir, parece que se hicieron para mí. Resulta que Messi me enfureció con las placas de tres goles. Yo sé que él es el hombre! Pero necesitaba para humillar de esa manera? Este último, a continuación, lo olvide: se trataba de una pintura! Misericordia! Pero no quiero hablar de eso, porque tengo la presión a la altura. Volviendo a su arte, mi garaje se ha convertido en un purgatorio, porque mantener el material sobrante, sin contar lo que compro en la chatarra. Estos estantes son un alivio inmediato. Enhorabuena por la idea y gracias por los consejos.

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    Gracias por el comentario, Don Matos!

    De fútbol, lo único que sé es que la pelota es cuadrada...

    Yo también soy un acumulador compulsivo de basura, y así no hay estantería que resuelva el problema. Mi nuevo taller todavía no cumplió un año, y ya está atestado de hierros, maderas, alambres, chapas, rejillas, cables, resortes, tubos, sogas, tornillos, tuercas, arandelas, herramientas, limaduras de hierro, ceniza de la salamandra, leña, aserrín, tierra, etc.

    Mis hijos dicen que el día que yo me muera van a prender fuego a todo!

    Si usted todavía tiene que mantener la basura en el garaje, creo que estamos en es la ganancia. Y ya se rompió en tres compartimentos de la casa. Afortunadamente, esta semana, tuve la brillante idea de llevar todo al jardín. Por lo tanto, bordeó el robo, y la ruptura, voy a tener la tranquilidad de elegir lo que realmente funciona. Y mira que soy sólo un aficionado. En cuanto a sus hijos, por lo que sólo habla por hablar. De hecho, ellos quieren que usted pasa su tiempo con ellos. Simplemente no entienden que estas actividades son puro entretenimiento, que tal vez, llegó a un nivel de trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo. GUSTADO LA PIRATERÍA DE SOLDADOR PERO MI ES DIFERENTE: TE'M 4 DISOLUCIÓN DE ALUMINIO Y TAL VEZ UN REACTOR. LOGO PARA ENVIAR UN COMENTARIO NO. GRACIAS POR SU ATENCIÓN. PS:. INTENTANDO LLEGAR EN GOL. Hijos y nietos AMOR. Hasta que ...

    He was saying no corrections are needed as you are perfectly understandable. Since it is your wish to know what may be the more "common" or "correct" way to say something here you go. Yesterday my garage was in chaos. In your second sentence you mix present and past tense ("is ALMOST a chaos" with "I decided"). The meaning of "ALMOST" is unknown... I made the assumption that you meant some cleaning had been done, but the garage was still somewhat a chaos. Unless that is explained then I would suggest leaving that part out completely. I would change "do some" to "build some". Here is one way you could have written it: Yesterday my garage was in chaos. I decided to build some "ghetto shelves." or with "today" Yesterday my garage was in chaos. Today I decided to build some "ghetto shelves." or even Yesterday my garage was in chaos. Today it was still in chaos, even after some cleaning, so I decided to build some "ghetto shelves."

    Taylorcc, you say "The meaning of "ALMOST" is unknown...";

    I found:
    Babylon English-Spanish
    adv. casi, apenas, aproximadamente, escasamente, más o menos, poco menos que, por poco

    English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre

    Tony's English-Spanish LIS Dictiona...
    almost = casi
    Ex: Documents rarely exactly match a user's requirements because information can be packaged in almost as many different...

    My idea was to say "today my garage is less a chaos than yesterday, thanks to the "ghetto shelves".

    I understand that my phrase is not easily readable, I will rewrite it following your suggestions.

    Thanks very much. Bad traductions are hilarants, when not dangerous...

    I am learning English thanks to Instructables!!

    Sorry, what I meant was the word "almost" in the context you used did not have a clear meaning. If you take your word order (as first written) and the most common definitions of each specific words directly, the sentence as a whole could be confusing and not make much sense.

    I understood the idea behind the phrases though. As I believe most everyone does in all of your instructables.

    English is confusing. Look at how I confused things when I mentioned "ALMOST" the first time. :)

    BTW, I have found http://www.mylanguageexchange.com/ to be very good for learning a foreign language.

    Yes, as you say, the English is confusing. But do'nt say nothing of Spanish... There is some human language that give not rise to confusions?

    Some seem less confusing than others... but you really have to look at the constructed-auxiliary languages like Esperanto to find ones that have the least confusing rules and idioms. In my opinion when Korean is written in Hangul it can be very straight forward to learn. Even for someone who's first language is a Romance-Language. Of course the purpose in Hangul was to make it easier to learn. Personally I enjoy aglutinate languages and that includes Espernato and Turkish. :) BTW, it's possible that you would find a Germanic language easier to learn than English in some ways... The real catch in English comes after you have a strong base in the vocabulary and basic sentence structure. Then you start seeing all the multiple meanings that words and sentences can have based on context that can be both said and unsaid (eg. implied based on the context). Much of the time people you a sentence to give an idea, concept... an allegory that could be representing the opposite of what is being said because of irony or sarcasm or any number of things. Then sometimes it just becomes common place to use those phrases even though on the surface they seem wrong. Quite confusing :) I find languages and language fascinating though. Taking it apart and putting it back together... Good luck!

    I suppressed the word THAT in "Today is ALMOST a chaos, thanks to that I decided to do some "ghetto shelves"."

    I believe this clears the expression. The origin of my error is that in Spanish the word "que" go as "that".

    I really like this project! Easy, simple, cheap - and it recycles one of the most common items left at most construction sites! THANKS! Your English is fine. The pictures tell the story very well too.

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    Thanks to you. This week I made a "tele-clip" to put on and to take stuff on the shelves. I will make an instructive as I have time.