VG-GPS Tracking,Communication,Health and Utility Device

Introduction: VG-GPS Tracking,Communication,Health and Utility Device

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"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good people."-Thomas Jefferson.

Hi, last week I had my unit tests and now it was time to spend time in my workspace. I thank instructables for being such an awesome place where we can make beyond the boundaries.This is VGwhich stands for volunteering glove.You can suggest me to decide any other interesting name.It is made for the people who are old and need care from their lovely ones.Reports indicate that most of the people die due to diseases like heart strokes etc. in these cases pressing a button using this button can help to save their life!! Its features are described in the nest step.


As its title suggest, you would be thinking it is king of wearable phone, it is same thing but not a phone it communicates using SMS (short message service).In the time of emergency we don't have enough time to call the caretaker and inform about the trouble but just pressing a small mobile button the task becomes easier and even more effective when in SMS it send the link to the location the sufferer.That's it. And this VG does the same task.The code is inspired from code of ehsmaes.


See a video of it in action:-


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Step 1: Features


Its features are:-

  1. One button that send location info to caretaker via sms with short message when pressed. Communication.
  2. Measures body temperature. Health.
  3. Small super-bright L.E.D. Utility.
  4. Rechargeable.
  5. Portable.


It sends sms whenever the incoming sms no. sends anything to sim card in linkit one and on pressing button it always sends message but when I send sms from my phone then automatically sms will be sent without using button!!

Step 2: Things Requires


We need :-

  1. Push button
  2. On/Off button
  3. Perfboard
  4. Linkit one
  5. Li-Po battery
  6. GSM antenna
  7. GPS antenna
  8. 9 volt battery
  9. L.E.D
  10. Jumper wires M to F
  11. Pin unlocked Sim card (2G network)
  12. Nipper
  13. Usb Cord
  14. Thermometer
  15. Duct tape
  16. Cardboard
  17. Scissors

Step 3: Setting Up the Networking Portion


Just push antennas in the port on their correct places and insert Sim card in the slot provided for it on backside.


Step 4: Push Button


Take push button and insert it in perf board and cutting extra wires from resistors ,make male headers for female end jumper wires after soldering them right on the push button terminals.


Step 5: Wiring


Insert one end of push button wire to gnd and another to digital pin 2 and for security solder one kilo ohm resistor in the way to digital pin 2.Insert a battery for testing.


Step 6: Code

The code is:-


gpsSentenceInfoStruct info; char buff[256]; char url[120]; int fix=0;

const int noofDest = 2; const char *numbers[] = {"0123456789", "0123456789"}; // nos that will receive the sms everytime char incoming_num[21] = "0123456789"; // this no.will only receive sms when we send any sms to this no. char message[256];

int ButtonPin = 2;

static unsigned char getComma(unsigned char num,const char *str) { unsigned char i,j = 0; int len=strlen(str); for(i = 0;i < len;i ++) { if(str[i] == ',') j++; if(j == num) return i + 1; } return 0; }

static double getDoubleNumber(const char *s) { char buf[10]; unsigned char i; double rev; i=getComma(1, s); i = i - 1; strncpy(buf, s, i); buf[i] = 0; rev=atof(buf); return rev; }

static double getIntNumber(const char *s) { char buf[10]; unsigned char i; double rev; i=getComma(1, s); i = i - 1; strncpy(buf, s, i); buf[i] = 0; rev=atoi(buf); return rev; }

float toWGS84(float nmeaCoord) { float degWhole = float(int(nmeaCoord/100)); float degDec = (nmeaCoord - degWhole*100)/60; return degWhole + degDec; }

void parseGPGGA(const char* GPGGAstr) { /* Reference: */ double latitude; double longitude; int tmp, hour, minute, second, num; if(GPGGAstr[0] == '$') { //latitude tmp = getComma(2, GPGGAstr); latitude = getDoubleNumber(&GPGGAstr[tmp]); tmp = getComma(3, GPGGAstr); // N or S float latWGS84 = toWGS84(latitude); if('S' == GPGGAstr[tmp]) { latWGS84 = -latWGS84; // negate if southern hemisphere coordinate } //longitude tmp = getComma(4, GPGGAstr); longitude = getDoubleNumber(&GPGGAstr[tmp]); tmp = getComma(5, GPGGAstr); // E or W float lonWGS84 = toWGS84(longitude); if('W' == GPGGAstr[tmp]) { lonWGS84 = -lonWGS84; // negate if western coordinate } sprintf(url,",%f", latWGS84, lonWGS84);

// location fix tmp = getComma(6, GPGGAstr); fix = getIntNumber(&GPGGAstr[tmp]); } else { Serial.println("No GPS data"); } }

void send_sms(char* number, char* message) { LSMS.beginSMS(number); for(int i = 0; i < strlen(message); i++) { LSMS.write(message[i]); } LSMS.endSMS(); }

void setup() { pinMode(ButtonPin, INPUT_PULLUP); Serial.begin(115200); LGPS.powerOn(); Serial.println("LGPS Powering on, waiting ..."); delay(3000); }

void loop() { LGPS.getData(&info); Serial.print((char*)info.GPGGA); parseGPGGA((const char*)info.GPGGA);

if(digitalRead(ButtonPin) == LOW) { if(fix != 0) { sprintf(message, "Please help me!.Current location: %s", url); } else { sprintf(message, "Help me. Last location: %s", url); } Serial.println(message); for(int i=0; i < noofDest; i++) { char num[20]; sprintf(num, numbers[i]); send_sms(num, message); } delay(5000); } // Answer incoming SMS by returning position if(LSMS.available()) { LSMS.remoteNumber(incoming_num, 20); if(fix != 0) { sprintf(message, "Current location: %s", url); } else { sprintf(message, "Last location: %s", url); } Serial.println(message); send_sms(incoming_num, message); LSMS.flush(); } }

And it is also attached at bottom.


Step 7: Designing the Hand

Just storm your brain and make several patterns of hand.Remember some of the science fiction movies.Using a ruler measure your hand dimensions and start cutting.

Step 8: Joining Pieces

After you have cut out the pieces from a cardboard sheet,then fol all of them and using duct tape join them all and make bong using duct tape between two segments.While making bond for the segments the sticky side should be facing each other and sticking to the cardboard.Make a prototype of your device.

Step 9: Making Logo

My space had won silhouette portrait in makerspace contest this year.Thanks to Ms. Carley Jacobson.Meanwhile you can design and cut logo for your device.

Step 10: Communication Unit

Just paste the push button on any finger of your hand and using super glue make the bond strong.Pass the jumper wires from the finger hole.

Step 11: Health Unit

Open up any digital thermometer and attach its circuit board on lager segment of another finger and piezo buzzer on lower segment using super glue. Now solder two ends of magnet wire with removed insulation on ends with On/Off button for L.E.D.

Step 12: Utility Unit

Join a 9 volts battery and solder the correct pins of L.E.D and On/Off button to it.Attach the On/Off button to different Finger hole.

Step 13: Logo Cover

Hide all the mess by covering it by cardboard cover and also paste the logo over it using glue.

Step 14: Done!

This is how I had made this.This is the perfect solution for caring our loved ones and helping them on time is also important too! Please take care of them!

Please vote if you like !

Thank you!

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    4 years ago

    Thats pretty Impressive and Amazing ..keep up the Good work.!!:)


    4 years ago

    I think a glove would be a better option here. We have to break whole project for removing it from our hand.

    Gursimran Singh 425
    Gursimran Singh 425

    Reply 4 years ago

    Ya glove would be better but in this case we don't have to remove all parts,we can wear and remove it like a.normal glove.Glove would leave hands sweaty in summers!!


    4 years ago

    Wow, this is an amazing device and has already impressed me. You should refine and put it on kick starter. You never know, maybe you could make some money out of it.

    Gursimran Singh 425
    Gursimran Singh 425

    4 years ago

    You all are welcome to suggest any better name for this device !! :-)