VGA Pi Desktop

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I wanted to use some of the old vga monitors I had. This instructable will show you how to repurpose the old vga monitors.

Parts list:

  1. Hdmi to vga converter $4.00 adapter on ebay
  2. Male vga to vga cable $1.00 cable on ebay
  3. Old VGA monitor
  4. Mouse and keyboard If you like wireless, $12.50 on ebay
  5. Raspberry pi 3 $35 plus shipping
  6. 5v power supply for raspberry pi
  7. small screws

Step 1: Attach Pi to the Back of Your Monitor

My local salvation army had Acer vga monitors for $10 so I decided to try them out.

These already had 4 mm machine screws holes that I wanted to use, I got a couple 4 mm screws at home depot for 50 cents.

I drilled 2 holes in an old paint stick and held the paint stick in place with the 4mm screws, then attached the pi to the paint stick to hold it in place.

Step 2: Hook Pi to Hdmi Adapter to Vga Cable to Monitor, Add Keyboard Mouse

Hook it all up, add the pi power supply and done.



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