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According to Wikipedia, sticky tape was first invented by Thomas Edison in 1422, when he was the King of England. Originally made of plaster, each roll cost 5000 English krona, therefore the common man couldn't afford 'Edison's Plastertape', so sales plunged. Tired and bankrupt, Edison eventually gave up and began working on the pride of his career, the Edison Moonbase. In 2002, Bill Gates revived the idea, and has plans to patent it as 'Microsoft Plastic'.

But what's the point of having an invention without a pun?

The VHS 'tape' dispenser is good for reusing those obsolete-and-dying VHS tapes. I based mine (heavily) on this: http://www.metacycle.ca/lab/explore/idea.php?iid=1071&s=2&p=1 (thanks Botelho and Gouveia)

What You'll Need:

- A VHS tape
- A roll of tape
- A small length of aluminium foil cutter (on the side of the box)
- Super glue

- A small screwdriver (my tape has plus-head screws)
- Scissors
- Garden secateurs (strange, huh?) or something similar, to cut the plastic
- Safety glasses

Step 1: Unscrew

Take the tape. Flip it over, and find the screws. Unscrew them, and save for the end. Open. Take out the spools.

Step 2: The Fun Part – Tape Removal

Unroll both of the spools a fair way. Tape down the end. Choose one spool to be the tape holder and make a small crack (see photo).

Step 3: 'Flippy Cover' Cutting

Take the flippy-cover thing (if it hasn't fallen off then wiggle it until it does) and cut it like in the photo. You don't have to if you want it to look more like a video from the top. This hole, when pushed back, is the 'safety cover' for the sharp cutting edge. By the way, I didn't cut a hole in the main case because there was one already.

Step 4: Clean Up the Inside of the Case

I found that the tape roll wouldn't fit into the case, so I had to snip many bits of plastic off the inside to make it fit. Do this to both sides of the case. I even had to cut one of the holes which you screw into to make room. It didn't matter too much because of the other screws. Make sure you use safety glasses.

Step 5: Assembly

Place in the spools and click the two halves of the main case together. Slot on the flippy-cover and screw in the screws (all that still can be screwed in). Glue the alfoil cutter piece onto the cutting edge.

Step 6: To Refill

To refill the tape, you need to unscrew it.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    did you think about weighting it at the bottom so it won't topple over. Most tape holders are pretty hevy for that reason.