VHS Tape Hiding Spot (for Less Then a Dollar)

Introduction: VHS Tape Hiding Spot (for Less Then a Dollar)

In this ible I will show you how to make an ordinary VHS tape into a hiding spot for money or other small Items. No one will ever think to look in this decade old box so it is the perfect spot for hiding small valuables. You can pick up a Tape for about a quarter at any thrift store, so this is a cheep hiding spot as well.

Step 1: Open the Case

you will want to remove the tape from the box, then remove all of the 5 screws from the case, after that the tape should pull apart with ease.

Step 2: Remove the Tape

we need to make space for the goodies were going to put inside. to do this break off the plastic rings protecting the tape, and remove all of the tape from the the rolls.

Step 3: Remove the Center Screw Pin

In order to make it close when you have a valuable in the center remove the pin in the center of the tape with a pair of cutters.

Step 4: Place the White Spinner Circles Back Down

in order for it to look like an ordinary tape upon inspection put the two spiner circles back down, this will ensure your tape looks just like a normal tape.

Step 5: Place Your Valuables.

I used a dollar for an example, however you can put small jewelry, or money inside the tape. anything that fits really.

Step 6: Replace the Cover and Screw

replace the cover of the tape and screw into place the 4 outside screws. do not put the middle screw back into place.

Step 7: Put the Cover Back on and Put Wherever You Want

finally you put the jacket back on the tape, you can put it on the shelf and no one will ever suspect a thing.

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