VHS Secret Box

Intro: VHS Secret Box

Hi this is my firs instructable so give me a break

Ok so i bet some of you have little brothers or sisters rummaging around your room when your out but there is a simple hiding place they will never think to look!    the answer is in a VHS tape.

sorry about the pics

Step 1: Unscrew the Three Parts

this is self explanatory undo the five screws and take the pieces apart.

Step 2: Remove the Reels

now you have two options you can either just take both the reels and the tape out of the case or you can just remove the tape bearing in mind that this will cut down your already small storage space.

Step 3: Snapping of Waste Plastic

the photo explains it better than i can. snap of the plastic that stops you from putting items in when the lid is open.

don't destroy the lid that usually covers the tape!!!

Step 4: Replacing the Lid

snap the old film cover back on and screw the two sides back together. 

Step 5: Your Done

remember when you want to open the top of the case you must first push in the little button on the right side of the cassette.



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