VHS to JEWELRY Conversion




Introduction: VHS to JEWELRY Conversion

Absolutely not serious, but very simple and cute hack.
Domestic production of jewelry, from parts of old equipment.
For the manufacture of this bracelet, it took eight  VCRs. 16 video heads (8 blocks of video heads) formed the basis for this accessory.



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    Just a thought...when I saw it I originally saw these I thought they were reused puzzle pieces. That could work on a number of levels too.

    I know I am a little bit late in the game, but how did you make the clasp? It is fairly ingenious.

    Hi Gogglerman. It's always a pleasure to follow your creations. It's ok not to make a step-by-step instruction. It's not a goal in its self to make a lots of copies, but to let people find their own way to the goal. Maybe to impove the work.

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    Thank you, sir. I'm glad you like the format of my publications. I will continue to publish for you and for those who are interested.
    Happy new year!

    Ah, Gogglerman! As usual, a perfectly elegant solution to something others would consider trash! I LOVE the clasp! I may have to use that idea myself! Happy holidays to you, sir!

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    LOL! Well, here in the US we are rapidly approaching Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. Whichever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a happy one!

    Your are right, AbstractDragon! Thank you for letting me know. I looked it up and found some examples of cards sent in the early 1900's in Scandinavia. Now were you talking about this reference or more the celebration of Winter Solstice, which I would think of as a more pagan ritual?

    my god your amazing at it! i really want to do something like that. where would you find video heads? this is the first of your projects i think i would even be able to ATTEMPT. it looks really awesome.

    Any old recycle/rehab centre should be able to supply you with stuff like this...

    Try to contact the repair shop of electronic devices. Debris, like the old VCR, there are many. Good luck in all your affairs.

    Making it look effortless yet again...nice work...must go look at some of my old elevtronics cast offs, DVD players..etc and see if I can scrounge some bits to make something nice from...