Many of us keep dream-catchers in our homes to see beautiful dreams and sleep this instructable I am going to show you how to paint a beautiful dream-catcher using all the colors of rainbow.

Most of us never try to paint, we think that its a tough job which needs professional training for making beautiful paintings.But trust me friends its not that just needs a bit of patience, inspiration,and time.Let me tell you i never learned painting still i made it and the result is magical.

My inspiration is from my obsession of magic.most of my paintings consist of magical things like unicorns.This time i made a dreamcatcher.

Pictures say a thousand words, for this instructable I will upload many pictures step wise. Try to draw slowly by parts as shown in the pictures.

I hope you all love it!

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Step 1: Materials Required:

  • a thick white sheet(size can be of your choice,but i recommend taking size >=A3 size sheets,pastel or cartridge sheets work best)
  • water colors(choose good quality smooth colors which give transparent effect)
  • flat and round brushes
  • water to dilute colors
  • pencil

Step 2: Circles

  • make 3 circles
  • first the inner circle should be small about 4-6 cm radius
  • second one"s radius must be at least 3 cm greater that the first one
  • the third circle"s radius must be 4 cm greater than the second one

Step 3: The Deer

start with making the basic face structure,then the eyes.the improve the jawline,it may take 2-3 tries, so try to use a 2b pencil, hb pencils work great too.draw lightly this makes erasing easier.

Step 4: The Antlers the Most Beautiful Part

  • take your time make these perfectly as these are the the main attraction of the painting.
  • slowly start drawing from the lower one and move further.

Step 5: Butterflies and Remaining Antlers

make any type of butterflies of your choice or make the same as mine. for butterflies start with making the thorax, abdomen head and then the antennae(this is for the ideal one,you may not make well defined sections as I have done).make sure you make long ,curved antennae.

Step 6: Center Spokes

from the second circle to center most circle make 5 diameters equally spaced or at 22.5 degrees(you may use a protactor or make assumptions)

and join tips of spokes from surface of first circle till the 2nd one as shown.

verbally I can tell you the steps but you'll have to follow the pictures properly,and make the drawing by parts.

Step 7: Feathers and the Final Drawing Complete

  • make long curved line like a flying hanging thread
  • make the feathers with light hands as shown
  • and your drawing part is complete

Step 8: Coloring the Wheel

  • start with yellow and then green, blue, indigo,violet, red, orange.
  • blend the colors well into each other.

Step 9: Color the Deer

  • start with yellow, the add blue a shown.
  • make sure you use diluted colors for the effect
  • make light highlights and further the darker ones.
  • in case you make a mistake need not worry, put some water on that part and wipe with the cotton it as soon as you make the mistake otherwise if the watercolors dry, you may not be able to correct it.
  • for face use round brushes and other background use flat brush

Step 10: Coloring the Antlers and Butterflies

  • paint in layers means first light, medium the highlights.
  • use the black color carefully less would work but more will not, so slow down your pace and work carefully
  • an finally dilute blue purple, green and red with a lot of water and randomly paint the background..make sure to blend the colors in the background using water.
  • also don't use excess water otherwise you will ruin you sheet.

Step 11: Feathers and Done!

  • the feathers too are to be painted in layers, the lighter one first and further moving to darker tones.
  • do the finishing with few remaining highlights and where ever you feel emptiness fill diluted blue, purple,green or yellow and blend it to rest of the painting.


for any doubts or clarifications please mention them in comments. i will definitely help you.

thank you for reading the complete instructable.

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