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So this is my instructable on AN EPIC VILLAGE WITH ICE SPIKES seed! :D
Hope u like it!!!!!!!

Step 1: Open Minecraft

Step 2: Create New World

Step 3: Press "Advanced"

Step 4: Type in Seed


Step 5: Press Infinite

Step 6: Create!!!!

Step 7: You Spawn Here

Step 8: Fly Up

U will see it in front of u!

If you are in survival, walk foward

Step 9: Explore

Step 10: Thanks! ;)

Thank u for looking at this awesome instructable! Make sure to try it out!! Its awesome! Also comment what i should do next please if you have any ideas! I will try my best on them but sometimes it might be too hard for me. :,( But dont worry, i know what to do you'll see :) thank u!!!!!!



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    3 years ago

    I'm so trying that .. Thanks for sharing this..