Introduction: VISE PROJECT

First you need to get a bar of steel.  Then cut to size 6.125 in by 1.220 in. After this use a 3/4 in end mill to cut to size recorded.  Speed should be set to about 400 RPM on mill. (This may take some time).  The next step is to drill a 17/32 in size hole, then use a 5/8 - 11 size tap. (Before drilling use a center drill first ALWAYS). Tap should be done by hand.  Speed for drilling about 500 RPM.  After the hole is made you will need a round peace of metal about 1 in diameter by 6.5 in long. This peace needs to be turned down to 0.650 in in diameter. (Speed should be around 430 RPM on lathe).  Also turn down a 0.5 in diameter 0.5 in away from one of the ends.  After turning down use a 5/8 - 11 size die to tread the spindle. BUT leave 0.5 in on both ends untapped. Next use A size drill to make a hole for the handle. Speed for drilling should be about 1100 RPM. After the hole has been drilled go to the 0.5 in diameter side and drill it using a Q size drill, then use a 3/8 - 24 size tap.  (Tap should be done by hand and drill speed set at 800 RPM).  WHEN DRILLING THIS HOLE ONLY GO 0.5 in DEEP.  Next turn down a peace of round metal to 0.200 in in diameter by 2.85 in long. (Speed for cutting 680 RPM.) Then use a 1/4 - 20 size die to thread the ends of the handle. When threading  go in 0.610 in on one side and 0.630 in on the other side. After threading take 2 0.610 in by 0.460 in diameter round peaces of metal and drill both of them with a 7 NO. size drill. (Speed set about 680 RPM.) Then tap both peaces with a 1/4 - 20 size tap by hand.  After tapping take a bar of metal and cut it to size recorded. Length is up to you what you want.  When cutting use a 1/2 in end mill. (Speed  should be about 560 RPM.)  Then drill the center the the part with a 1/2 in drill GO 1/2 in DEEP.  (Speed should be 560 RPM.) BE CAREFUL DRILLING MAKE SHER THE HOLE IS THE SAME AS THE BODY OF THE VISE. IF NOT CAREFUL THE PART WILL NOT WORK.  After drilling drill a 2nd hole all the way through using a Q size drill, then tap it with a 3/8 - 24 size tap.
Next take a 0.332 in by 3 in long peace of round metal and thread it all using a 3/8 - 24 size die.  After this your ready to assemble the vise.

                                                                   I MADE IT AT TECHSHOP!!!!

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    great project

    I just have a couple of suggestions
    First, it seems that the threaded bar needs some sort of grip to grab whatever you're vising.
    Second, when doing a writeup, it would be better to split it up into steps. Your pictures are great so I would split it up using those.

    Overall, good idea, good implementation (especially for a first ible).