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Build your own vMix Surface Control for 4 Inputs using Arduino Uno / nano ch340

The communication between vMix and arduinos via Hairless MIDI & LoopMIDI

Its simple. Just Download the files and uploaded to Arduino.

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Step 1: Upload the Code

I already compiling the library and the code into hex, all you do just uploaded to arduino using Xloader

Step 2: Prepare the Stuff

Prepare the buttons, faders, arduino & wire.

Step 3: Setting the Serial Communication Software

Setting the Hairless MIDI baudrate to 115200 (default), and add virtual midi on LoopMIDI

See the videos how to set up the Hairless MIDI & LoopMIDI

Step 4: Mapping the Controller

Mapping the controller to vMix MIDI shortcut. See the videos for details

Step 5: Download Stuff:

Step 6: Tips

The Arduino will start/run the after you uploading it, so its better to connect all the potentiometers before you turn on the arduino, or you will not be able to mapping the controller.

Step 7: Just a Words

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