VSSR (Very Swift Solar Recharger)

Here is the most common useful rechargeer for two recharable batteries, and it is very neat and working fine...just see the pictures and you will understand how it is being built and how it is working...

All you need is a plastic sheet, that you roll round the diameter size of the battery for your choosing; any size can of course be used - then you clue it together - OR; best if you find a ready made plastic pipe for your particulary size, that you can see I used in the other sample; then you need a spring from a pen, insert the minus cord through the spiring, and pierce hole in the knot you shut the end by; then make knows in order to lock it.....the other side - the plus - side of the tube for those two battery-tube-/rechasger, you simply pierce a hole right through it - se pics - and put a nail through in the middle, that connect with the battery pole....remember to pierce the holes suitable downwards so the batteries are being suspended between the nail and the spring on the minus side...

Getting the charter ready for charing, takes seconds....attach the solar cell and leave it in the Sun for some hours, and you will be having fully charged battries....

good luck




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That first picture is disturbing and I don't know why...