VT, VY, VZ Commodore Tow Bar




Installed a tow bar today. I couldn't find a guide on the net so thought I would take some photos and make one while I was at it.

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Step 1: Remove Plastic From Boot Interia

There are four screws under these plastic covers

Step 2: Then These Two

two more clips

Step 3: Four More Clips

There are four clips on the top of the bar under the boot rubber seal. There are also two more clips underneath where the red dots are. These clips are a two part clip. Hold the base of the clip and pull the center out. Then you can remove the base from the hole.

Step 4: Two Screws

There are two screws on each side of the bar near the rear wheels. With these two screws out you can grab the bar and pull it gently out. There are 3 clips that will pop out. Seems a bit weird pulling on it but that's how it its.

Step 5: Rear Bar Off

Once the rear bar is off the metal support needs to come off. Four bolts are holding it on. I used my cross brace lol it was easy as!

Step 6: Next 2 Metal Mounts

After the previous bar comes off these two metal mounts need to come off. Held on by four nuts.

Step 7: Underneath

Underneath there are two nuts that need to come off to fit this mount on. I have all ready fitted it in this picture. The two empty holes in the mount must be furthest to the rear of the car. the tow bar bolts into these.

Step 8: Tow Bar On

With the tow bar on you need to put the two mounts back on before doing the nuts up.

Step 9: Support Bar Back On

Put the support bar back on. Then refit the back bar. Should be easy enough now to get it back on since we just pulled it off. Just do everything backwards.

Step 10: Tow Bar Plug Lead

The tow bar plug lead I got just plugged straight into the white plug shown in this pic.

Step 11: All Done :)


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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi. Just installed a VY towbar on my sedan. Towbar came off another sedan so it was slightly out were the holes went in to the bolts. I had to bend both ends of the towbar in were the holes are by heating then bending. If you do this you will have to cool it down after woulds so you dont weeken the metal. I then had to file out the holes. It worked well.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! When I fitted a bar to my VZ Calais I had trouble fitting the bracket shown in picture 7. The bolts supplied were too long so I will have to make up some spacers out of some 6mm Aluminium sheet I had.

    I suspect you had the same problem because the bracket fitted in photo 7 is on the ground in photo 9 and cannot be fitted with the bumper support bracket in place.