Introduction: VU-METER

A mono VU-Meter with power supply.
10K potentiometer
1.2K R
470uF cap
12V transformer
MIC BR610 Square Bridge Rectifier
3x 0.1uF caps.
10 LEDs

This is a simple VU-meter that uses the LM3915. The input are the 2 floating connections. It uses 12 V AC that is converted into 12V DC. Supply can be from 12V AC to 24V AC.
The 100K potentiometer controls the sensitivity.
Make the PCB using toner transfer method. Solder the components following the schematic.
Dimension 150x50 [mm].
For the IC use a socket.
The LM7812 should be on a heatsink.
If using 12V DC print only the VU-meter without the power supply module.
If power supply should be separate cut along the line.

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