VW Beetle Deck Lid Gasket



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Having a rattle-free ride is kinda nice. In this instructable I will show you how to install the decklid gasket in a 1960 VW Beetle!

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Step 1: Things You Need

You need: Soapy water Standard screwdriver Soft hammer Gasket Patience A plastic pushie thingie

Step 2: Clear the Old Out

There may be remaining gasket in the c channel. Push that out of the end. I also found it useful to pry open the end of the channel a little in order to allow better feeding of the gasket into the channel.

Step 3: Lather Up

Soapy water seemed to make the gasket slide down the Chanel more easily. If the gasket didnt like staying in the channel I used the blue plastic pry bar thing to push it back in.

Step 4: Slide It In

This will take a while. Expect at least 30 minutes. Maybe more. If you do it faster you're a genius!

Step 5: Peen It

In some places the previous owner screwed up the Channel by prying at it with a screwdriver. I carefully tapped it back into place.

Step 6: Overhang

You should have some length left on the gasket. It's preferable to leave the extra tails hang off at the top. Gaskets shrink and if you've got some extra make it even on both ends.

Step 7: Dun!

Now your Beetle has a decklid gasket. Bravo.

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