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About: I make cake for my friends and family occasionally as a hobby. I also enjoy crocheting.

My cousin asked me to make his son a VW bus cake .They are restoring a real one together. So I googled some VW bus cake images and decided to try to replicate this one.

Note:The bus with the red VW sign is the one I made. The other I found online and tried to duplicate from just a pic.

Step 1: Stacking and Carving the Cake

I made 4   13 x 9 cakes and stacked them up with icing between every layer.  Chill the cake really well before you start to carve your shape. Use a sharp serrated knife and just cut away a little at a time. When you are happy with your shape chill in fridge for about 10-20 min, and then cover with icing.

Step 2: Cover Your Cake With Fondant

Roll out your fondant. Make sure you have a big enough piece of fondant rolled out. Measure the sides and front and the height. Then smooth the fondant and clean up the edges.


Step 3: Finish Up With the Details

Shape your wheels I used the tool in the pic to give them some “tread”. Then I painted them black and put 4 small circles of fondant on them. Shape the mirrors on a toothpick so that you can stick them into the cake. Make a small rectangle for the license plate and write on it with foodsafe markers.


Cut out black squares for the windows and white circles for the VW emblem .( I made an extra one ,so that I could pick out the one I liked best. Then paint the VW on  and let dry. Make yellow headlights and  little tail lights. To make the glared look on the windows I just dry brushed on some grey luster dust. The VW bus that my cousin is working on is a 1959 so I made it look a little older by having the license plate crooked. The winsheild wipers are piped on with royal icing.



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    3 Discussions

    dbasden akins

    5 years ago

    Adorable! I admire your patience for detail.

    thank you. it is easy (kind of). if you break it down into steps like i have here it isnt so overwhelming. but it is time consuming.but that's what hobbies are for.lol