VW Campervan Shelving




Made this shelving based on the VW Campervan for my Dad, for his birthday. He collects various sizes of miniature versions of the classic van and needed some more storage space. The unit has lots of different sized shelves inside three sections and can be screwed onto the wall or stand on the floor.

Step 1: Middle Section and Templates

Firstly you will need to create a simple box shape, from your chosen wood, four sides and a back. Alternatively you can find a box and re-use it. Mine was found in my parents drive, it used to be used for hanging reels of ribbon on for craft work, I removed the central dowels and re-attached the back and it was sorted after a quick sand. You will then need to cut and fix as many shelves as you want. You can simply glue and clamp, dowel or screw. You then need to make templates for the front and back section. Lay paper besides the box shape and draw the shapes you require. If it's not looking right just rub out and try again. When your happy cut out the shape. Repeat for other section. Again put shapes next to box and check your happy, if not alter.

Step 2: Side Pieces

Draw around your templates onto your choice of wood. I used plywood. You will need two of each shape for both sides. Cut out. You should now have 4 pieces, 2 pairs of matching shapes. Select one of each shape for the front and one for the back. On the front pieces draw a similar shape but Aprox 20mm in from the edge, all of the way around, use the template to help. You will them need to cut theses out leaving just the outside 20mm wide shape. These can now be fixed to the main box. Solid piece to the back and other piece at front. I used a biscuit joiner for the back pieces and dowel jointed the front, but it's up to you. You will now need to cut a strip of thin ply for the edges. I used 90mm wide strips of marine ply, but it depends upon how deep you want your shelves. Using string or similar measure length of curves, then cut ply to length. Glue pieces in place and fix with nails, nail gun if you have one.

Step 3: Doors

Before you fix front section in place in previous step trace around the centre hole. This will give you the door size for the side sections. The central door will just need to be measured. Again I used plywood and cut out. Test doors and alter where needed. Now you need to draw on where you want the windows, then cut out using a jigsaw. You should now have three doors with holes in them for the windows. Trace the window gaps onto some Perspex and cut out. Fix in place using silicone.

Step 4: Trim

I made a bad job of the Windows so to tidy it up I cut some thin pieces of wood and simply overlapped the edges and glued in place.

Step 5: Fix Hinges

I bought some flush hinges and fixed onto doors and frames. I also bought some picture frame hooks to keep the doors closed. Sand and finish with wax or varnish. You are now all done!



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Super fun! Nice work!


    2 years ago

    Thank you, he did but obviously he has a few improvements!


    2 years ago

    This is really cool! I hope your dad loves it :)